Monday, July 29, 2013

Corridor - Real Late (2011)

Dear Corridor:

First of all, there is no damn way I am accepting the capitalization of "corridor - REAL LATE," which is how it comes up in iTunes.  This is a 99% deal-breaker out of the gate, you jackasses.  I'm not joking here -- I almost didn't listen to the damn album simply based on that.

Second of all, that stupid capitalization MAKES NO SENSE as the music behind it is totally smart, very restrained, basically virtuoso folk rock.  It really pisses me off that this is so good, as I am pretty sure (based on capitalization alone) that you guys wear Miami Heat hats with a flat brim, backwards, and slightly tilted to the side.  (Yes, I just described the worst kind of human being.)

Therefore, for the love of all that's holy, accept what you are -- folk maestros crossed with world music leanings -- and stop pretending you are some stupid punks.  You are clearly better than that, so just get rid of that diamond-studded nose ring and get on with it.  It's a great album; accept your "real musicianship" status.  I know it's frightening, but you can be grown-ups now to match your music.

Corridor - "Objective Lens"

Thank you in advance for stopping your campaign of pissing me off.  Please continue in the music vein, however.  It's quite excellent.



CD Placement Rating:  CAR cd CHANGER.  Jerks.