Friday, June 20, 2008

Amanda Palmer and the Boston Pops, Sloan Live

A quick update: the last two nights I was out hearing some live music.

Last night, Scott, Jamie, and I attended Amanda Palmer playing with The Boston Pops at Symphony Hall. Wow. Unbelievably, jaw-droppingly good. A definite top-10 all-time and maybe top-5 live show of all time (and I do not say that lightly). What a spectacle!

Normally, I'd provide more details, but there are actually tickets available for tonight, so instead I want to encourage you to go and not spoil the surprise. Unless you are HIGH (and maybe especially if you are), you need to see this. I'm committed to going out with a former co-worker tonight or I'd be back myself. It is THAT GOOD.

Let's allay some fears and overcome some objections:
  • "I've never heard of Amanda Palmer or The Dresden Dolls. I'm not sure I'd like it."
    Answer: Good news... it doesn't matter. You will still love it.

  • "I've heard The Dresden Dolls. I don't like their albums."
    Answer: Good news... it doesn't matter. You will still love it.

  • "I love The Dresden Dolls! They are my favorite band, and I actually dress up like Amanda/Brian in public. I own everything they've done -- even that album they released on their own! Go Dolls!"
    Answer: Bad news... you're an idiot. Why didn't you go in the first place? What kind of objection is that?
In all seriousness, if Amanda doesn't do this ever again, you are missing out on something that will be remembered in Boston Pops lore forever.

Once word of mouth gets around about this, it's going to be a must-see. You will not find a ticket a day after the box office opens if they do this next year or in the future.

So buy tickets here, or if that doesn't work, then here, and have a Friday night experience you will not soon forget. 8PM sharp at Symphony Hall.

And of course, my wonderfully talented friend Margo Saulnier helped pull it all together. You should really thank her for all of her hard work, even though you don't even know her.

On Wednesday night, Denis and I hit Sloan. Their previous album and show were both top shelf... and thus what occurred Wednesday at TT's was a real disappointment. It really comes down to two things: 1) they had a better setlist last year, and 2) the new songs from that tour's new album (Never Hear the End of It, reviewed here) played better live than this week's release of Parallel Play. It was not a performance issue; it might have been a venue issue; it definitely was a song-choice issue. Just too bad. I'll still go see them next time they are in town, but please, choose some better songs, and keep the drummer behind the kit for more of the show.


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