Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Eighth Blog of Christmas: Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory (2012)

Thanks to Paul H. for suggesting this one.  On a first listen, the rock snob in me came out in full force, noting the  straightforward, repetitive lyrics and a somewhat simplistic guitar approach.  Rock snob was not impressed.

But sometimes you have to intellectualize your music, and other times you need to just calm the f*** down, take a step back, and enjoy.  And that's what I ended up doing, much to my benefit.  

The approach here is deceptively simple:  there is actually a lot going on and a well thought-out approach, but it doesn't open up on that first listen.  The lyrics?  Turns out that they work -- even when completely repetitive, they actually still say a lot to the listener.  I had to beat the snob up a bit, but all 17 of my personalities eventually got on board here.

To classify it:  Cloud Nothings is alternative/indie loud guitar that wavers between rock, pop, and punk. The music is catchy.  There's a great rhythm section that plows things along in a great way throughout.  The vocals are their own -- you will like them or hate them (they grew on me).  Highlights for me include "Stay Useless," "Wasted Days," and "Our Plans."

This and Bob Mould - Silver Age are probably my two favorite albums of 2012.  (Well, that I can think of right now.  I do have another four blogs to go.)  Both are strong from front to back, with serious standout tracks throughout.  Attack on Memory is highly recommended for those who want to hear the damn TRUTH in under 35 minutes.

CD Placement Rating:  Where else?  Car CD Changer.

- Snilch

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