Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Sixth Blog of Christmas: We Were Promised Jetpacks - In the Pit of the Stomach (2011)

After a very short review of 2009's These Four Walls, I decided to give Eric Lax's favorite band another try.  In the Pit of the Stomach is much better front to back, with five very good songs and an overall enjoyable listen.  It's The Futureheads meets The Editors meets Idlewild meets Love of Diagrams*.  It's heavy alternative, upbeat, and very Scottish.  What more could you want?

CD Placement Rating:  Portable CD Case.

* Please note:  these references follow the Snilch Axiom.  This axiom stipulates that "referring one obscure band to another obscure band, multiplied by the number of bands referenced and average critical rating, divided by the number of actual sales of that band(s), equals the relative impossibility for anyone to dispute said references."  Corollary effects of a high score using this axiom include strong indie credibility, disinterest/confusion/scorn/actual violence by readers, and a general avoidance of any outdoor setting by the author.

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