Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Making Friendz - Social Life (2011)

Summary:  this is very promising electronic pop from an up and coming artist.  

Here is some free advice that the band probably doesn't need, nor do they probably care.  But as you all know, that won't stop me.  

So... three things:  

  • Some of the lyrics are just way too over the top intercourse-y.  Be a little more suggestive.  For instance, "Just take off your clothes/Don't make me cry/I wanna be inside you" is about as subtle as a sledgehammer.
  • You write nice guitar/keyboard riffs, which is good.  You repeat them pretty much as-is in other songs, which is not good (unless, of course, you are the late, great Wesley Willis, and writing songs like "Casper the Homosexual Ghost" or "I Whupped Batman's Ass," in which case it's actually expected).
  • Just keep at it and you'll figure it out.  There's really good stuff here.  Just cut out all of the bad parts, and replace them with good ones.  See?  Simple.  
Now I put in this official video, but BEWARE:  you'll likely find it gross and NSFW.  (Turns out you are a prude.)  It is a great song, though, so if it bugs you, just hide the viewer and listen instead.
Making Friendz - Situation

At their best, they sound like a slightly less clever Bikini Kill or Le Tigre; at their worst, they sound like a bunch of undersexed (or oversexed) teenagers channelling Ministry's first album.  But this band has a ton of potential and are worth watching.  If they put it all together, they will be great.

CD Placement Rating:  CD Rack.

iTunes Recommendations:  "Situation," "Reject Me," "Symphony."

- Snilch


mrharrybay said...

Snilch wrote "For instance, 'Just take off your clothes/Don't make me cry/I wanna be inside you' is about as subtle as a sledgehammer."

Get your mind out of the gutter. Maybe the song is about a frustrated surgeon. At any rate, I didn't stick around to watch the naughty bits. Yoga-themed videos bore me.

Snilch said...

Good point. The "naughty" bits are, unfortunately, less "scintillating" and more "kind of disgusting."