Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Masters of the Hemisphere - Maybe These Are the Breaks (2011)

I get a ton of music from Terrorbird, and usually don't have the time to listen to all of it.  But if I have to wade through hours of crap to find a gem like this album, it's totally worth it.

Sounding like a mix of The Shins with a touch of Sonic Youth, Derwin Deez, and The Cure, this is pop music at its sugary sweet best.  While at first listen it sounds like just simple grooves and sounds, there's more to it here:  the music does not pander to the listener, and instead dictates the action.  

It's impossibly happy for having an edge and a real feel to the music.  Think piano, guitar, and harmonies play over a solid if not spectacular rhythm section; it's got enough universality to be easily translatable to almost anyone, yet enough of a musical vocabulary that you won't be ashamed of it as a indie snob (like me).  The only thing I will say bad about this is that it slightly drags about halfway through.  But that is a minor point; it's a great album.

Masters of the Hemisphere - Watch It Go Away

Considering this is their first release in eight years, I may have to check out some of their first four albums.  This is the type of band that I don't think I would hate if I heard on the radio every day, which is where they belong.  And improving the radio landscape while doing so.  

CD Placement Rating:  Car CD Changer

- Snilch

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