Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robert Pollard - Blazing Gentlemen (2013)

I've got a weird relationship with Robert Pollard.  I've seen him live -- he's unreal.  I own a couple of Guided by Voices albums that I really enjoy. There are other various reasons I should like him more:
  • he's constantly rocking, which may scare some (I'm looking at you, Denis) but is a big plus in my book;
  • he's indie and under the radar (right in my wheelhouse);
  • he's prolific and writes great singles; 
  • and he's from Ohio (the ultimate trump card).
So why don't I like his music more?  I'm not sure.  

As for this album (his fifth release in 2013, not including his singles box set), it once again just doesn't do it for me.  It's ultimately both not that interesting and lacks the energy he usually brings to the table.  It's a languid sludge and ultimately a bit boring.  

And it's not like I am going to listen to the the three other releases this year, or the ones from the last year or the year before.  Based on this, I'm afraid to bother with Honey Locust Honkey Tonk, which I heard was good... but I heard the same about Blazing Gentlemen. 

So readers, please direct me to what I SHOULD be listening to, especially the new stuff. 

CD Placement rating:  Sell-back 1.

- Snilch

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