Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cage the Elephant - Melophobia (2013)

It took an appearance on Later... With Jools Holland (hmmmm... I wonder where I am catching new music these days) to more thoroughly investigate this band.  They've been on the periphery of my radar for quite a while.

This album, their third, is great. Think quirky, edgy, alternative/indie pop.  For a band from Kenutucky, the vocals are actually are most reminiscent of the English band Arctic Monkeys.

It's a snapshot of a band still growing into their sound, which is scary as this is already really good.  Their sensibility in layering sounds and changing tempo are both already at an expert level.  The band meanders purposely throughout.  It's a listen that will satisfy pretentious snobs (like me) and "I like what sounds good" lunchpail joes (oddly enough, also like me).  "Spiderhead" and "Halo" are my personal favorites here.

Cage the Elephant - "Come a Little Closer"

This is a very good album, but I suspect their next one will be epic.  Get on board now.

CD Placement rating:  Car iPod.

- Snilch

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