Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Goes Cube - Another Day Has Passed (2009)

A few weeks back, as I watched the snowplow dump snow from my neighbor's unshoveled apron onto my clean one for the third time in less than an hour, I realized I needed to take a break from shoveling before that throbbing vein in my neck blew up.

So I settled into my bathrobe, bunny slippers, and NKOTB*-branded couch, and began to mellow considerably.  Now I just needed the prefect soundtrack to match my current state.  And drown out that plow, which I could hear coming down the street for pass #4.

Immediately, Goes Cube sprung to mind.  How could it not?  With soothing songs like "Another Day Has Passed," "Grinding the Knife Blade," and "I Hold Grudges," I knew I was just a couple of S'mores and some warm milk away from peace and tranquility.  Featuring mellow, melodic death metal underpinnings and soothing primal rage screams, it's what those "in the know" use to quietly lull themselves to sleep.

Goes Cube - "I Hold Grudges"

Okay, if you've listened to the video, you realize this is less Lawrence Welk and more a really angry Jesu or the lead singer from Face to Face with a chip on his shoulder.  So we'll drop the pretense here.  Utilizing a formula of switching back and forth from mid-tempo rock to thrash screaming (see Pennywise, System of a Down, Rise Against, Grade, etc.), Goes Cube crosses a gloomy tone with interesting melodies, finishing it off with both excellent musicianship and production.  It's really heavy tone done right.  If you like Mars Volta, just check out the title track and you will be hooked.

There's a small window for this kind of music for me, but this hits it.

CD Placement Rating:  Portable CD Case.

- Snilch

*New Kids on the Block, of course.  S'up?


Anonymous said...

I love this album (or to be honest, about 4 tracks off of it). I think I might have heard it first on the metal edition of All Songs Considered several years ago. Downloaded it and loved it. Then about 2 years ago it popped up on Pollstar to say they were playing O'Brien's in Allston that night, and i was reading this at like 4pm. So on the way back from band practice I swung over alone (should have pinged you Snilch) and caught what was the loudest single experience i have ever witnessed. Like i thought my ribcage would have permanent damage. I walked up to the club and heard the opener and turned around and got earplugs out of my car, which thank god i had. But even so it was pretty unintelligible -- i'm only fairly certain they played 2 songs I recognized. But the energy was over the top. Two thumbs up, two ears down.

mrharrybay said...

Huh. Unfamiliar with this band. I like it. Much better than the usual lame stuff you review.