Friday, April 12, 2013

The Black Angels - Phospherene Dream (2010)

Hello 1970s vocals:  meet 1960s psychedelic rock with a modern feel.

Phospherene Dream has a shoegazer garage vibe but with more of a Jesu meandering feel.  It's like a more more laid back Black Rebel Motorcycle Club had met Pink Floyd, taken it out for a few drinks, had some laughs, and even called back the next morning.  And "laid back" is probably a lazy misnomer; think "deliberate and purposeful psychedelia."

This is a really enjoyable listen front to back as an album:  it's a slow, steady dirge you just do not want to see end.  That being said, this is not for everyone -- likely target Mrs. Snilch Report surprisingly dislikes this quite a bit.  

But for me, just listen to "River of Blood."  It's epic.

The Black Angels - River of Blood

As Denis would say:  "Rock."  Word.

CD Placement Rating: Car CD Changer.

- Snilch

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