Wednesday, January 15, 2014

14 Reviews for 2014: #12, My Bloody Valentine - M B V (2013)

Finally!  The Chinese Democracy album odyssey of the indie rock world ultimately comes to fruition.

A brief background:  in 1991, My Bloody Valentine released Loveless.  It is considered by many (including me) to be the best "shoegazer" album ever.  It is also considered by many (including me) to be one of the best rock albums ever.

Island Records signed them to a huge contract (reportedly $500K), which they sunk into the production of a studio.  Over the next seven years, depending on who you believe, they recorded somewhere between two albums and 60 hours worth of music.  The net result?  Zero releases.

Next were rumors in 2003 that they were recording material for a box set.  Still... nothing.

In 2008, they reunited and performed live for the first time in 16 years.  And they went on an extensive tour that lasted into 2009.  Then they stopped... to record their next album.  (To be clear, no one believed this was actually happening.)

Yet, just four short, agonizing years later, they finally released it.  22 years after Loveless, finally came M B V.  (Hey, Chinese Democracy took only 17 years.  Seeing as they both released their previous albums in 1991, Axl was five years faster in real time than MBV.)

With all that buildup, and following one of the greatest albums ever, there was basically no way Kevin Shields and Company could match expectations and anticipation here.


Well, there is no "but" in this case.  It just doesn't meet those expectations.  It's good, very good, just not as great as Loveless.  "New You" is a gem, but otherwise, this fells like Loveless 1.5.  A little tired, a little dated, a little small.

My Bloody Valentine - "New You"

It's something I never thought would actually happen... ultimately, I'm glad they finally put another album out.  I just wish it were a little better.  I'm sure the next one in 2035 will do the trick.

CD Placement rating:  Where it belongs:  CD Rack (maybe even Sell-back 1).  Where I will keep it in hopes it grows on me:  Portable CD Case.

- Snilch

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