Friday, January 03, 2014

14 Reviews for 2014: #2, Vintage Trouble - The Bomb Sessions (2011)

Thanks again to Alan for turning me on to these guys.

As faithful readers will recall, their show in March 2013 was terrific (and the post includes a video of their ridiculously fabulous appearance on David Letterman, which you should check out if nothing else), and thus I needed to check the studio release out.

This album starts out like a preacher revival house of fire with "Hand Me Down Blues":  I'd call it a "live recording that happened to take place in a studio."  It's the closest to rock that they get into on the album (and I do prefer their more up tempo offerings), but they really are great at any speed.  It's really good stuff and worth a listen for blues and rock fans; they wear it all on their sleeve, and wear it well.

The lead singer is a classic crooner, the lead guitarist a virtuoso, and the rhythm section is tight and talented.  Their finesse and deft touch is what's most impressive here -- they make spaces in the music work for them.  Chapeau.  

Vintage Trouble - "Hand Me Down Blues"  

My only slight criticism:  while enjoyable, there are way too "same-y" songs at the same tempo which blur together musically.   They could have chopped three songs off the album and been more impactful, rather than Rainer Maria-rehash their way through parts of the album.

But.  But.  BUT.

I still enjoy listening to the album, despite that.  Go see them -- they have an outstanding live presence and precision, and the sheer tornado force of their lead singer is worth the price of admission alone.  

CD Placement Rating:  Car CD Changer.

- Snilch

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