Thursday, January 16, 2014

14 Reviews for 2014: Lucky #13, The Big Sleep - Nature Experiments (2012)

Following the excellent 2008 release Sleep Forever, The Big Sleep return with raucous force, surprisingly blasting right out of the gate.  By the second song, it was already my favorite album of the year; after listening to the whole album, I think the back half of the album might actually be better than the first half.  Yes, it's THAT good.

The Big Sleep varies between lead singers, resulting in alternating male and female call-and-response vocals from song to song.  Except that they don't alternate, and it varies from album to album whether one leads, the other does, or neither (complete instrumental).  They serve the songs first, and it shows.  While Sleep Forever was very good, Nature Experiments almost sounds like a different band with the echo-ey vocals and guitars (or synth/organ), and no instrumentals at all.

The Big Sleep - "Valentine."  Decent song, gross video.

Throughout, epic guitar tones are just wonderfully set up with synths, vocals, or whatever.  When I first heard this, I wrote, "Please let me stop reviewing this so I can keep reviewing it again and again."  (I'm not sure who I was asking permission from.)  After hundreds of more listens, I can assure you that this is an album I will be listening to again for years.  It's an ALBUM, and there is not a dud here.

iTunes:  "Ace," "Red Carpet," "Ladders," "Four Wishes," "Popcorn Soda Candy."  Yes, that's five of the twelve songs on the album, and that makes the video I posted at best the sixth best song on the album.

CD Placement rating:  Car CD Changer.  If I had a higher rating, I'd give it.

- Snilch

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