Monday, June 30, 2014

Camera Obscura - Desire Lines (2013)

I already owned one Camera Obscura album, which really was enough for me, and reviewed and discarded another, before checking out Desire Lines.  I learned my lesson from Iron and Wine:  there's no need to collect every album and song from a group where every album and song sound exactly the same. 

However, I had heard this "was their best album yet" and "a departure from their past efforts."  (I am now quoting my own recollections -- actual quotes may vary.  But you get the gist.)

And this is why I generally don't listen to other reviewers.  It's kind of different -- "Troublemaker," "Break It to You Gently," "Do It Again," "William's Heart," "New Year's Resolution," "I Missed Your Party," and "Every Weekday" are all examples of where they are trying to branch out.  But otherwise... it's more of the same.  Great sound, little overall variety.

Camera Obscura - "Troublemaker"

When they get hooky with the guitar and keyboard, they definitely have something good going.  It's pleasant, non-offensive pop that can be quite interesting at times.

CD Placement rating:  If this were an EP, I'd call the highlights Portable CD Case material.  But unfortunately, it's an album, and the rest is Sell-Back 1 or 2.  We'll split the difference and call it CD Rack.

- Snilch

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