Friday, June 27, 2014

The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow (2013)

Following up on 2010's epic Phospherene Dream is a tall order, but from the opening track (one of the best title tracks I've heard in quite a while, "Indigo Meadow"), it's pretty clear The Black Angels are up for it.

Where The Black Angels start is guitar tonality -- they understand it and know how to get the most out of it.  And God bless them, they get the most of a vocal echo (see "Black Isn't Black").

Even on a song like "You're Mine," which is pure 70s pop (and thus I listened to it with great trepidation, like a "don't open that door!" moment from a horror movie), they make it their own -- yes, it's lighter than usual and a bit more up-tempo, but it works.  Other song highlights:  "Broken Soldier" opines "It's hard to kill when you don't know whose side you're on."  "Love Me Forever" just oozes The Doors mixed with the best kind of sludge you could ever hope for.  The harmonies and organ on "Don't Play with Guns" are excellent.  

The Black Angels - "Don't Play With Guns"

I could listen to this album again and again -- it's got just enough pop to be accessible, and just enough edge to keep it fresh and interesting.  It's an impressive offering, produced expertly.

CD Placement rating:  Car CD Changer. 

- Snilch

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