Monday, April 20, 2015

The Antlers - Familiars (2014)

I couldn't tell you a thing about this band, other than that this album was recommended by unknown people (i.e., I can't remember who).

The first sounds are sorrowful, almost mournful, with a plaintive horn accentuating the mood.  They build up, while still holding that same ambiance and tone -- emotionally, it feels like a yearning, a wistfulness, a melancholy.

As for the album as a whole, it's strongly measured, thoughtful, provocative, and purposeful.  While being low-tempo, the album is nonetheless a force that creates an emotional resonance.

The Antlers - "Palace"

Familiars sounds meandering; it's not.  It is meticulously spaced and the sounds are all well-placed throughout.  This is not the album that's going to keep you awake on a cross-country drive, but it IS the album that you'll play when you want to space out, chill out, or pass out, all while listening to something beautiful.

CD Placement Rating:  Car CD Changer.

Merch Rating (yes, I still do this occasionally):  borderline check out the back catalog.  I'll see what recommends and take a flier on at least one more album.  Money talks, people.

- Snilch

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