Friday, April 17, 2015

The Haden Triplets - The Haden Triplets (2014)

The Haden Triplets are the very talented daughters of jazz bassist Charlie Haden.  I first heard Petra and Rachel with that dog.; Petra later played with The Rentals and Rachel with The Decemberists.  I was least familiar with the third triplet Tanya; she was part of early Silversun Pickups, but is probably best known for being married to Jack Black. 

This album is a throwback to old-time radio gospel hour, basically; these are old school standards sung with great harmonies.  It's a quiet, nuanced reflection of a different time.

The Haden Triplets - "Voice from on High"

If you yearn for bluegrass, or laid back folk music that focuses on great harmonizing, this is your cup of tea.  I like it, but just wonder how often I'll personally go back to it.

CD Placement Rating:  CD Rack.

- Snilch

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