Monday, July 06, 2015

King Tuff - Black Moon Spell (2014)

From the opening strains of this album, King Tuff quickly establishes a psychedelic classic rock atmosphere. It promises a pleasant, fun experience: pretty light and not too serious.

As you move along through the first few songs, it's not too high, not too low, just continues to deliver a great poppy ride down pharmaceutical lane. So just sit back and relax. Vermont's favorite sons are driving the bus, and hopefully are not too intoxicated.

King Tuff - "Black Moon Spell"

It's established immediately that the rhythm section is solid and that King Tuff himself knows what he's doing with the guitar. And the music goes very well with his vocals. "Sick Mind" makes you think this may veer into an Andrew W.K. "party album" vein, while showcasing some classic guitar solo licks. "Rainbow's Run" follows through on this promise -- albeit more spacey in a Sun Dial vein.

Then this happens:
King Tuff - "Headbanger"

Where did that come from?

It may be my favorite song from 2014. Great guitar tones and a tremendous riff, combined with a killer rhythm section performance. And a fun story to boot. My love for this album just went to 11. It's just a phenomenal rock song that by itself makes the album great.

And from there, the rest of the album calms back down, but the whole thing is excellent. Even potential silly songs like "I Love You Ugly" are just funny and enjoyable, and NOT stupid (like they easily could be). "Demon from Hell" and "Eddie's Song" are no slouches either.

There isn't a misstep here. It's heavy, smart, well produced and engineered, and fun. And it's pretty clear that this easy-going, tuneful, hooky ride is exactly where King Tuff wanted to take us on this journey. What more could you ask for?

CD Placement: This is the real deal, yo. Car iPod. I picked up the vinyl for this one as well.

- Snilch

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