Monday, July 20, 2015

Typical System - Total Control (2014)

I keep listening to Total Control, hoping it will open up to me. It just doesn't seem to want to.

Now is this my fault, or the music's? That's unclear. To be fair, retro-80s is a very narrow window for me to enjoy.  In this case, they do a nice job of mixing things up between electronica and guitar-based versions.

If forced to make a decision on this, I'd say this is too good to be called bad, but not good enough to be called really good. But then I listen to something like "Expensive Dog," "Flesh War," or "Black Spring" and I feel like it is not only really good, but possibly great.

It's quite the quandary.

As a varied soundscape album, it's great. As music I'd listen to again... I'm not sure. Or maybe I'll listen to it every day.

Total Control - "Flesh War" (first :40 are silent)

I think that ultimately I really like this album. Although I'm quite sure why. Or if that is actually true.

CD Placement Rating: Based on my last listen, I'm going to say this is too intriguing to not call this Car iPod. I really like this! Well, maybe. Portable CD Case? Sell-back 1? No, Car iPod. I think.

- Snilch

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