Monday, June 15, 2015

Future Islands - Singles (2014)

Oddly enough, the first track ("Seasons (Waiting on You)") is oddly reminiscent of... TV on the Radio. This happened randomly, so it's a bit odd.

So for better or worse, this is a rare stylistic compare or contrast scenario between two albums. And Future Islands is in the ring with an album I really like.

Singles goes more hooky synth than Seeds more lush and layered expressions, but this does not really provide separation: each actually has their own merits. Future Islands does sound more '80s-ish thanks to this, which is a good and/or a bad thing (depending on your point of view).

Future Islands - "Seasons (Waiting on You)"

It's a different take and approach that TVOTR, but just as good in a different way. Ultimately their vocals win me over. It's really a nice listen.

CD Placement Rating:  Car iPod.

- Snilch 

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