Friday, June 12, 2015

TV on the Radio - Seeds (2014)

There's never been any doubt about TV on the Radio's brilliance, in my book. The issue has been consistency and repeated listenability.

This is, finally, the great TVOTR album I have been waiting for.

The leadoff, "Quartz," sets the tone. It's more ethereal than I'd expect, almost whimsical musically. Expertly produced and written.

It's both less heavy and more dense as an album than previous offerings. The guitar sludge has been replaced by a backbone of keyboard sludge, which really works for their style. The first four tracks ("Quartz," "Careful You," "Could You," and the star of the album, "Happy Idiot") are as strong a quartet as you'd ever hope for. Sure, the rest of the album is not quite that strong, but even the slightest of those songs are still good.

TV on the Radio - "Could You"

I am unbelievably pleased I somehow stumbled on to this. Hopefully you will follow my advice and do the same.

CD Placement Rating: Car iPod.

- Snilch

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