Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Real Estate - Atlas (2014)

Real Estate is reminiscent of a million different bands and a million different nostalgic places in time.

It's chill, guitar driven, 80s alternative inspired, "farmhouse" rock. (That's in quotes because I'm making up this genre. It's a wonder that my egomaniacally-enlarged head can make it through the doorframe to allow me to leave the house every day.)

The album is very well and precisely finished. It lacks a little oomph that makes it more than just pleasant, in my book. When I started looking at how much time was left to listen to the album, I knew there was trouble.

Real Estate - "Had to Hear"

If this hits your emotional register or is a bulls-eye for your musical sensibilities, you're going to love this. For me, it just doesn't.

CD Placement Rating: CD Rack.

- Snilch

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