Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Reigning Sound - Shattered (2014)

Not sure how I stumbled on to this one, but it's pretty damn sweet. Definite cool '60s rock vibe from the start with a country twang. I've seen this described as "garage punk," which to me means that I guess I don't know what the hell garage punk is. (Or it's a stupid label.)

I may lack the musical vocabulary to fully articulate what makes this album good, other than I like listening to it. That's pretty much where it begins and ends with me on this one... but the fact that I continue to listen to it should be endorsement enough, right? (Editor's response: probably not. Quit being lazy and figure it out.)

Reigning Sound - "Never Coming Home"

I can already see Andrew bee-bopping away to this album while blasting it on his stereo -- it's definitely his kind of jam. 

Final conclusion is that I like it! (Editor's response: final conclusion is that you're really, really lazy.)

CD Placement Rating: Portable CD Case.

- Snilch

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