Friday, July 25, 2014

Wire - Change Becomes Us (2013)

Wire is (in my book) a unique band.  (Please note that there is no adjective before "unique."  There are no degrees of uniqueness; something either is unique or it isn't.  Please behave accordingly.)  Their biggest creative periods have been from 1977-1979, and from 2003-present.  NO ONE has done that -- it just does not happen.  (Note:  they were still making music in the 80s and 90s, just not at their prior or later levels.)

Of their return albums, 2008's Object 47 has been the best, while 2003's Send, 2007's Read and Burn 03 EP, and 2011's Red Barked Tree are all Portable CD Case or better.  (I'll get around to reviewing Red Barked Tree at some point; I too closely associate that album with my buddy Jamie passing away, and thus haven't been able to pick it up for quite awhile.)  

This album was released alongside a Wire autobiography, which I got partway through before Jeff Shaara's latest demanded my attention.  So I was hoping to review both now, but that's not going to happen.

To the matter at hand:  this album is another excellent offering, though not exceptional.  It's surprisingly sparser and more than expected, which is not bad but not great either.  Definitely a headphones/nice stereo listen; on the crappy boombox all is lost.  "Magic Bullet" is a highlight for me.

Wire - "Magic Bullet" 

While I appreciate the album, the thing that sticks with me is that it hasn't really moved me yet, either positively or negatively.  That's really unusual for a Wire album; only time will tell if that continues to be the case.

CD Placement rating: Functionally, I need to figure out where this is an excellent slow burner or a fizzle, so this will reside for the time being in the Portable CD Case.

- Snilch

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