Wednesday, May 06, 2015

10 Songs I'm Listening to Constantly These Days

In alphabetical order:

1. Billy Idol - "Postcards from the Past" (2014)

2. Jonathan Boulet - "Hold it Down" (2014)

3. Dinowalrus - "Tropical Depression" (2014)

4. Doug Gillard - "Your Eyes" (2014)

5. Kestrels - "The Moon is Shining Our Way" (2014)

6. New Myths - "Howl" (2014)

7. Rise Against - "Any Way You Want It" (Journey cover) (2003)

8. 7 Year Bitch - "Derailed" (1994)

9. Strand of Oaks - "JM" (2014)

10. Twiztid - "F.T.S." (NSFW*, NSFK**, NSFPWASOF***, NSFPMAA****) (2015)

*Not Safe For Work
**Not Safe For Kids
***Not Safe For People Who Are Scared Of F-Bombs
****Not Safe For Pretty Much Anyone, Actually


Unknown said...

Some random thoughts after this 10 song sampling. First, please keep doing this -- this is a great way for those of us who don't hear enough new music to get a pre-vetted rundown. Granted, run down by an insane person, but still a rundown. How have I never heard this "Rise Against' Journey cover before???? Outstanding. Damned if the Kestrels haven't created the My Bloody Valentine chorus that I wish MBV would release. Strand of Oaks tune is great. Twiztid? Nuff said. Speaking of 'Nuff -- it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated that you list TWO reviews of Enuff Z'Nuff.

Snilch Yossarian said...

And I haven't even mentioned Enuff Z'Nuff's best album, Strength! I think I own five or six of their albums. And who would really want to hear the musical musings of someone completely sane? Sounds pretty boring to me.