Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bush - Man on the Run (2014)

Bush's 2012 album The Sea of Memories was a revelation -- a truly great album, with the kind of grit and soul that the band lacked in their past offerings of pastiched hot garbage.

So I had high hopes for 2014's Man on the Run. And it turns out, the only thing separating this from The Sea of Memories are a single as good as either "The Sound of Winter" or "The Afterlife," secondary songs as good as those on TSOM, originality, and that "soul" thing I mentioned. It's flat and a halfhearted TSOM v. 2.0. Otherwise, they nailed it!

Bush - "The Only Way Out"

Seriously, it's not a terrible album; it simply doesn't reach the heights of their previous one. It's a bit flat and clunky, and that's a margin of error that's simply too large for Gavin Rossdale and the boys. I'll keep "The Only Way Out," "The Gift," "This House Is on Fire," "Surrender," and "Speeding Through the Bright Lights," and otherwise listen to The Sea of Memories when I feel the need.

CD Placement Rating: Sell-back 1.

- Snilch

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