Monday, May 18, 2015

The Thalia Zedek Band - SIX (2014)

After spending five years on the sidelines, Thalia Zedek made up for lost time in the last three years: releasing the full-length Via in 2013, reuniting her former band Come (with Chris Brokaw) for a series of live shows, and the 2014 EP SIX

This is a pretty tuned down affair -- but give Zedek a break, she probably needed time for quiet reflection based on the flurry of recent activity.

So this is a little more sparse and melancholy than previous offerings. You need to be in the right mood for this one; on one of my first listens I almost fell asleep. Not because it was so bucolic, more that I was not ready for the quiet, almost gentle nature of this album.

The highlight for me was "Dreamalie." I actually wish this was a full-length album, as I think it would be far more interesting to hear a full 45-60 minutes of this more contemplative material. As it is, it's damn fine stuff. As long as I'm not sleepy, of course.

CD Placement Rating: Portable CD Case.

- Snilch

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