Monday, May 25, 2015

bis - data Panik etcetera (2014)

The band bis (with a lower case "b") is one that's weird enough for me to like them, and everyone else to look at me quizzically when I play them something from them.  

They are indie rock mixed with electronica by way of genius or garage, depending on who you ask.  Generally they have moments of brilliance but wildly scattered output; their issue has been consistency.  

When I started listening to this album, I found their sound to be smoothed out in a great way -- they definitely have gone next level. "Control the Radical," "Cubis (I Love You)," "Sense Not Sense," and "Retail of the Details" immediately stood out. Every song was excellent -- I almost thought this was a singles collection (ha ha). So I went to and looked it up.

Turns out... this album is a singles collection.

So here is the story behind this album:

After releasing three full length albums from 1996-2002, bis was recording their fourth album... and broke up, shelving the album. Then the trio re-formed and added two members, renaming themselves "data Panik." (I have to say -- this is a first for me: band breaks up but all personnel are still fully intact!) This formation disbanded after a year an a half.  From 2006-2013, the trio did their own projects, before reforming as bis and releasing this compilation, which covers 2004-2006 (i.e., the 4th bis album and all of the data Panik material).

bis - "Cubis (I Love You)"

It's highly infectious, danceable, alt pop. Sure, the second half of the album drags a bit, but the first half is so strong it doesn't matter. Data Panik etcetera is well produced and cohesive, and stands on its own as an excellent album. 

CD Placement Rating: Car iPod.

- Snilch

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