Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jonathan Boulet's - Gubba (2014)

Thanks to William Ruben Helms for this one, who you all should be following on twitter -- @yankee32879. (I assume, of course, you are already following me @snilch. Of course!) The headline for this album is:  "Imagine The Cramps Went Mainstream." Vocally, musically, and stylistically, Boulet is a smoother, pop-friendlier version of the underground legends. He's got that same twisted '60s music meets surf-type guitar vibe... just a lot more polished. The other touchstone here is The Nomads -- on songs like "Creeper," even the harmonies are dead ringers for them.

So if you like The Nomads (like Bubba) or 60s revival-ish acts (like Andrew), you'll definitely love this one.

Jonathan Boulet - "Creeper"

"Hold It Down" is the definite standout here, but "You're a Man" and "Set it Off" (which verges into Stone Roses territory) are also very strong. (Pretty much any three-word title on this album gets a thumbs up from me, apparently.) "Strut King" is also interesting. Overall: a very nice album.

CD Placement Rating: Portable CD Case.

- Snilch

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